Door and Window

Door and Window

Hinged Door & Window

The hinged window panel includes normal hinged and hinged thermal Panels.

 Non-Thermal Hinged Door & Window

Aluminum windows have a very long life and at the same time are very resistant to weather elements. Due to the corrosion resistance of aluminum and the stainlessness of aluminum, the cost of maintenance of aluminum windows will be very low and almost free. Therefore, it ensures that the product life is long. Aluminum windows, when combined with energy-efficient double-glazed windows, can meet energy efficiency standards, and have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The opening panel of this window menu is with single-mode, dual-mode and old-fashioned types.

Aluminum thermal break sliding windows 

A thermal break panel means creating a thermal step made of reinforced polyamide between two pieces of aluminum profiles. The purpose of its production is to prevent heat transfer directly from inside to outside. When cold air hits aluminum, the thermal step prevents air from entering the building from entering, and the polymer acts as a non-conductive barrier to prevent cold from penetrating the building. Considering the sealing and aeration stages, the wind pressure is the minimum energy-saving 25 to 35%.

Some features of aluminum thermal break doors and windows;

  • Benefits from a thermal break profile with 15mm polyamide strip;
  • Benefits from ventilation, sealing, wind pressure standards;
  • Ability to install double glazing with a thickness of 2 to 6mm;
  • Ability to provide in two colors (interior and exterior profiles with different colors suitable for exterior and interior of the building);
  • Provides two rows of rubber for sealing and sealing;
  • Provides a water outlet channel with a lid;
  • Can be provided with an edged frame to prevent cracking of the wall;
  • Benefits from special fittings to prevent deformation of beams;
  • Easyto-open handle;
  • Adjustable hinge;

Sliding Window

The sliding window includes normal sliding and thermal sliding and monorail as well as lift & slide panels.

This panel has advantages such as opening and closing the opening on the rail without occupying the interior space of the house, easy and convenient installation of interior curtains, stylish and beautiful appearance (all fittings, rollers, and pads are installed inside the opening).

Monorail Sliding Window

In this type of window, due to the special structure of the consumption profile, sealing and airtight sliding windows are more complete. It also allows the window to be in the same frame as a rail hinge and an opening hinge at the same time.

Some features of monorail sliding windows:

  • Suitable and economical for sliding panels with a fixed section;
  • Durability and high resistance to deformation;
  • Appling with large windows;
  • Complete thermal and acoustic insulation;

Lift & slide Windows

This window is an alternative to a sliding window. Fittings in this type of window perform two movements: lifting the opening from the rail and the other is the sliding movement of the opening on the rail. Due to the type of fittings used in this group of products, the problems of sliding panels in terms of airtightness and insulation have been eliminated. Lift doors and windows are a type of sliding window that can withstand a weight of up to one ton. These windows do not need a holder or an inscription and are very suitable for the beauty of the facade and use in large dimensions.

Some features of lift and slide doors and windows:

  • Max. height: 3 meters
  • Load bearing weight: up to 900 kg
  • Length height: up to 300 cm
  • Width: up to 2 meters in wide
  • Window material: aluminum
  • Length diameter: from 9 to 16 cm