Frameless Façade

Frameless Façade

The use of glass as a material is an integral part of any building. With the advent of reflex glass, the use of this glass in the facades of tall buildings and towers has become very common today.

The use of glass facades, in addition to the beauty of the building, allows the use of maximum daylight. The use of double-glazed or triple-glazed windows also provides a very good sound and heat insulation layer. The use of these modern facades has led to the design of different installation details, including frameless glass.

In the glassless form, the aluminum frames holding the glass (single or double glazed glass) are mounted and fixed on a steel frame made of profiles of different sizes.

Advantages of Frame fewer panels:

  • The elegance of the glass holder frame from the outside;
  • Possibility to use hidden openings in the façade;
  • Possibility of easy glass replacement;
  • No transfer of structural stresses on the glass;
  • Independent performance of each frame against earthquake;
  • Provides different colors in the façade;